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History - Defines who you are

My father was an Indian freedom fighter, who fought against the British empire. I grew up in a family full of patriots, with stories about my father and Indian independence in general. In fact, my given names were Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi, which was shorted to Mohan. My relatives still call me Dasu!
Now I am 72 years, received my Engineering diploma in 1969 from a Polytechnic college, India. After working few years in India at different places and positions, in 1980 I moved to middle east. I worked few years in ARAMCO, Saudi Arabia then joined with Chicago Bridge Industries of Netherlands as an Estimator for their global projects and stayed at many Arab and North African countries. Finally, in Alexandria, I worked as a Foreman in the dredging operations of Suez Canal, before coming back India in 1989 to start my own engineering firm. I retired in 2008 and moved to US to stay with my daughter, to spend my rest of the life.
Due to the early exposure to Indian independence struggle, I always wanted to write something to glorify the efforts. I spent many years reading many historical books including fiction, to understand the true history.
In 2008, after retirement, I started to conceptualize a fictional story which tied closely to history. I attempted to write up this story by painstaking making sure that it tied very closely to historical characters. The result is “Janardhan Talbot”.
I hope readers like the theme and the book overall, as there are two more books in the pipeline with a similar theme. Will look forward to the reader’s comments, happy reading!

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Historical Fiction


In the shadow of tyranny, long-since bogged down in colonial rule, the story of India is a story of individual strength, dogged determination, and the sincere hope of making one’s life better for all those he touches--no matter the cost. For the story of Janardhan is the story of young cunning in the face of adversity. Born into a small village in India, Janardhan is privileged by his Anglo features which allow him to set out into the world in search of his share. Having found new friendships and many interesting people along his journey from India in pursuit of English shores, Janardhan finds his British sentiments hardening, as the reality of their rule distorts and shapes his future and takes away those that bring him hope. Now far from home with his eyes on the British horizon, Janardhan faces down corruption, murder, pirates, theft, and inequality wherever he roams all in the hopes of taking what’s rightfully his under the great rising sun.


At a crossroads, in the face of mutiny, revolution, and great change, a single man rises up and takes his future, and that of his compatriots, into his own hands. For Janardhan’s story is far from over. Far off from the banks of his home in India and his intended destination of England, Janardhan finds himself knee deep in the Kenyan diamond trade, leveraging buyers and even the mafia in order to supply arms to the growing threat of revolution against the British. His wheelings and dealings will take him home again before long, and with it comes a new adventure with marriage, financial prospects, and a good hard look at the effects of colonialism on his new family. It is now that Janardhan must make a decision about what he is willing to put up with and where he stands in the fight against the British remaining on Indian soil. The stakes are high and the costs are great, as he must sacrifice all whom he knows and loves in order to push his countrymen further towards revolution. Will he risk all he has or could ever want for the taste of freedom? Or will he lose it all for the chance at a better life?

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